On April 29, 2017 we had the honor to the title sponsor of the First Annual For One For All Ruck/Walk to bring awareness to Vets, First Responders and their families. Until the actual moment of the event I don’t think the full impact had hit any of us. The weather that day wasn’t ideal, wet, cold, windy but that didn’t stop 120+ individuals and their families from coming out to support such an amazing cause.
There were men and women of all ages, some in full ruck gear, some with their dogs, other with kids in wagons, ready to take on the 12.6 mile ruck/walk from Lake Zorinsky to Chalco Hills Recreation Center.
In almost perfect fashion, as this large group lined up in front of the American Flag, the National Anthem begins and in a movie like moment the music cuts out and not even skipping a beat all these men and women began to sing. Standing there, witnessing this was so surreal and so emotional, right than and there I knew this was the place we needed to be.
Green Beans Coffee may have only provided a hot cup of coffee and mini muffins but seeing how grateful not only the Organization For One For All and all of the participants were is a moment you never forget.

For more information on For One For All check them out at http://www.foroneforall.org/ or on Facebook

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